Finding the moments that truly make you feel something.

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”

— Edward Steichen

It's nice to meet you.


A little about me

Hi. I'm Alijah.

I was born in Portland, OR and have lived in the area my entire life. Growing up surrounded by trees, and within two hours of mountains, high desert, and the ocean, has given me a deep love for the outdoors and nature.



I have been into photography for about 16 years now. I had my first interaction with a camera in middle school and instantly fell in love. It has followed me through my entire life, and has grown to be more and more a part of my every day ever since. I have been shooting portraits, weddings, and everything in between exclusively for about 6 years now.



As my photography journey has progressed, my introduction to video has arrived. I spent the entire 2023 wedding season both filming and photographing weddings, and have fallen in love with composing moving images. Videography is a place where I am placing a lot of my time to learn and improve these days, though my roots and my passion will always be in photography.



Not only am I a wedding and elopement photographer/videographer, I am also a studio photographer. I co-own and operate a studio near downtown Portland with my business partner. This space is used both for our own clients (bridal portraits, engagements, couples photos, and family photos), but also as a rental space for other photographers and creatives.

More info on that here.